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Summary of March program and response to feedback

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 8:30 AM | Deleted user

At our March program, a panel of presenters (Bill Yaeger, Susan Grunin, Stu Weinstein, and Shelley Kirkpatrick) discussed several important lessons learned, including avoiding jargon when talking with clients, avoiding having a solution in search of a problem, and trying to get clients to understand that training may not solve their problem.

We received valuable feedback after the session and wanted to share some of it so that you know that we heard you and are incorporating your suggestions into what we do:

  • Our typical meal consists of sandwiches and wraps, including several vegetarian wraps, but you told us that there are not enough vegetarian options. We will ask the deli to include more vegetarian wraps in future sessions! Also, starting in July, we will have a volunteer whose sole job is to arrange for the food; we will be sure to pass this along as she looks into different food options.
  • In the past, we’ve assigned a volunteer to greet all attendees, especially those attending for the first time. This role has been unfilled but we recognize its importance in making new attendees feel especially welcome. Our board members will try to fill this role. Of course, if anyone would like to volunteer to do this, we would welcome the help!

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