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Thinking Forward, Applying the Science of Group Performance to Liberate Agility, Part Two

  • Tuesday, September 24, 2019
  • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • World Learning, 1015 15th Street Washington, DC


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Are you prepared to lead Workforce 21? Join us as we continue to empower leaders to develop a more agile workforce for the 21st Century.

What do elite performers in Silicon Valley, on the sports field, and in the boardroom have in common? They’re skillful at creating coherence in a group and liberating the combined intelligence of everyone on the team. Driven by a new psychology, an understanding of neurobiology of the heart, neuroscience, and technology we can tap into a greater capacity to accelerate innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

Thirty years of research has proven that the very best teams harness diverse ways of thinking and leverage positive emotions to help people be their very best. When people feel connected in an authentic way, they are more likely to give it their all. The heart of Agility beats through these authentic connections between people.

During this hands-on session you will discover a new window into thinking and feeling to help your teams achieve peak performance in an ever-changing world. Join us to experience the future: “teamwork that works” by energizing the “purpose-built” teams of tomorrow using the science of group performance. This session is based on the new internationally developed program, "Activating the Heart of Teams" by the HeartMath Institute. Join us for the session and you will also get hand’s on experience with new HeartMath technology that measures the collective coherence of groups.

Our Workforce 21session leader:

Peter Baverso is on a mission to help 10,000,000 people liberate their potential. Peter is a certified trainer and mentor with the HeartMath Institute and is a core member of "Activating the Heart of Teams," Global Cohort. Peter is also an Emergenetics Certified Associate, bringing the neuroscience of teams to help teams be smarter, faster, better, happier, and healthier.

It’s our moral obligation and legacy as leaders to cultivate the superpowers of Workforce 21

For more than 55 years, the Potomac Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement has been on the leading edge of evidence-based professional development in the fields of Human Performance, Innovation, and Organizational Health & Effectiveness in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We are the professional home for consultants, educators, and leaders in Federal, State, and Local Government, Education, Non-Government Organizations, Non-Profits, and Commercial Businesses that want to make our world of work a better place. "Remember that blame is not a leadership competency.”

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