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Creating Project Alignment through Team Symbols and Visual Metaphors with Deep Insight Visualization

  • Tuesday, June 13, 2017
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • World Learning, 1015 15th Street NW, 7th Floor


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Creating Project Alignment through Team Symbols and Visual Metaphors with Deep Insight Visualization

Barbara Siegel, Registered Architect

Deep Insight Visualization is a process that helps individuals and groups of all sizes create alignment by stimulating internal connection to the issue at hand. Resonance and somatic expression create a better understanding of how to engage with a project and work as a team. Solutions to problems reveal themselves in unexpected ways.

Deep Insight Visualization can be used as a performance intervention tool in two ways. The initial interaction leads to clear understanding and agreement on next steps. Long term, the visual image co-created by the team becomes a nonverbal touch point for reconnection to purpose, meaning, and agreement. Much like the “Eagle Globe and Anchor” has deep meaning for the US Marine Corps, the team visualizations create depth and meaning that help to galvanize commitment over time.

During the session we will explore:

  • How to galvanize a team around a strong co-created visual “metaphor”
  • How to align mission and values with visual
  • Ways in which you can use visual metaphors as part of your intervention strategy

About Barb

Barb Siegel is a visual practitioner, registered architect, and artist. She is on the Professional Advisory Board of Brainy Camps of Children’s National Medical Center. Barb helps clients see what is said and not yet said. Her combined experience in the education field (neurocognition, arts integration, special education), as a registered Architect, and award-winning fine artist contribute to her ability to hear the structure of conversations and translate them into images that make meaning for the participants. Ms. Siegel’s drawings often help the viewer and meeting participant see new connections that have not yet been articulated.

Contact information:
Barbara Siegel
(301) 767-6545

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